Top quality fluorocarbon monofilament, 3 times more sinking than a traditional line without the use of degreasing substances. It has exceptional resistance to abrasion which allows it to be used even in areas cluttered with vegetation and obstacles. Its low stretch ensures great performances even at long distance. It has a particularly visible coloration out of the water that allows you to easily identify the bites. Parallel spooling for top quality maintenance over time and damage prevention. Especially suitable for leaders.

DIAM mm 0.134 0.149 0.166 0.176 0.198 0.219
TEST/KG 1.50 1.90 2.10 2.40 2.60 3.20
TEST/LB 3.30 4.20 4.60 5.30 5.70 7.10

Sinking fluorocarbon monofilament for feeder and ledgering

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