It was 1973 when Gruppo DP was established in Genoa: since then the company has made its efforts, working on developing and selecting a range of top quality products, capable of positioning themselves at the top of their market. The evolution of ASSO lines for sport, agonistic and professional fishing started around the first half of 80s, marking a series of real milestones in the history of fishing monofilaments.

ASSO DI CUORI constituted a real revolution for the Italian sector market in the second half of the 1980s: made up of 100% fluorocarbon fibers, it represented a technical innovation for the Italian market.

We will have to wait for the 90s for ASSO DI QUADRI, the monofilament for reel without memory that raised the quality standards of the time, in Italy and in many European and non-European countries, ensuring innovative performance for those who chose it.

Today, thanks to international partnerships and collaboration with qualified field tester, ASSO boasts a wide range of monofilaments for sport, agonistic and professional fishing, with a commercial network active in more than 80 different countries.

Under the skills and experiences acquired in almost 50 years of work, ASSO is able to offer a wide range of fishing lines in nylon or fluorocarbon and PE braids, available on the global market. Every day, consumers from more than 80 countries rely on ASSO, testifying the company's ability to intercept users' technical needs and satisfy them through the launch of new products. The ASSO range includes products with cutting-edge technical characteristics able to meet the needs of the most advanced angler, through the offer of a targeted product that meets the specific needs of each fishing technique. In addition to the high-end multipurpose products, specific lines are available dedicated to the various fishing techniques including fly fishing, carp fishing, professional longline fishing, trout area, ajing and mebaru.

The evolution of Asso fishing lines

Early 80s

It is the official start of the evolution of the ASSO range, a decisive step that has made a great contribution to the history of fishing monofilaments.

The late 80s

These were the years when the Italian market welcomed ASSO DI CUORI, the first innovative fishing monofilament wholly made of fluorocarbon, a real innovation for the market at that time.

Early 90s

Gruppo DP introduced ASSO DI QUADRI, a revolutionary monofilament with no memory, which raised the quality standards of the time in Italy and in many European and non-European countries


The entire production is oriented to technological excellence. Together with specific products for traditional techniques such as fly fishing, carp fishing and surf casting, others have been developed to meet the most modern trends in the sector such as TROUT AREA, AJING and ULTRA LIGHT FISHING.

The range of Asso products

The Asso range offers products which stand out for their top level technical features, designed to meet the most sophisticated fishing requirements. Asso offers a wide catalogue of monofilaments in nylon, fluorocarbon and highly specialised PE braided lines. ASSO lines distribution develops on global scale in a capillary manner, through Gruppo DP’s network, which is active in 5 continents and more than 80 countries.