Attention to technological excellence has always been a constant in the history of the ASSO range, which today offers one of the most complete ranges of nylon or fluorocarbon and PE braided fishing lines available on the global market. In addition to top quality multi-purpose items, other specific lines dedicated to the various fishing techniques are available, including fly fishing, carp fishing, professional longline fishing, trout area, ajing and mebaru. Each product has specific features which go beyond the data summarised by the diameter and the breaking strength.


Our icon system, which can be accessible on the product sheet, allows you to find and fully understand any ASSO fishing line specific feature.

  • Fluorocarbon coating

    The fluorocarbon coating provides the monofilament with an exceptionally smooth and durable surface, making it nearly completely waterproof and abrasion-resistant. The waterproofness keeps the strength unaffected even when the line gets wet, unlike the nylon monofilaments which instead may have a decay up to 15%. Fluorocarbon coated monofilaments combine most of the revolutionary features of fluorocarbon with the excellent dynamic and breaking strength features of nylon, thus constituting a "bridge" product that tends to make the best use of the characteristics of both materials, generally at a lower price compared to pure fluorocarbon monofilaments.

  • Parallel spooling

    The parallel spooling system allows to optimally preserve the physical and mechanical features of the monofilaments. The spooling takes place by means of high precision numerical control machines, overlapping the coils without twisting them, at moderate constant speed and applying a reduced tension to the fibers. The risk of abrasion, tension and crushing is therefore reduced to a minimum.

  • High abrasion resistance

    This line features a particularly consistent surface, which guarantees high abrasion resistance in the event of friction on hard materials such as rocks, trees and obstacles of various kinds or fish bites.

  • Multicolor camouflage

    Multicolor camouflage lines offer a special camouflage color, which consists of alternating short segments of line with different coloring inside the spool. This coloring, intentionally heterogeneous and irregular, makes the line less visible in water.

  • Sinking

    This line features a high specific weight, which guarantees a greater and more rapid sinking. It also ensures a very precise fishing action in presence of strong winds.

  • Floating

    Line with a reduced specific weight, which slows its sinking in water.

  • High visibility

    High visibility lines have a special "solid", fluorescent or particularly lively color that enhances the visibility of the line outside the water, and makes them particularly suitable for night or low light fishing conditions.

  • Low visibility

    These Fluorocarbon or Fluorocarbon coated lines ensure maximum invisibility as the refractive index of fluorocarbon is close to that of water. A good outcome in terms of invisibility is also obtained with the multicolor colouring.

  • High stretch

    High stretch lines are excellent shock absorbers and are particularly suitable to be connected as leaders to PE braids to balance their low elongation their low stretch. They also favour the bite of particularly suspicious fish.

  • Low Stretch

    Low stretch lines provide greater sensitivity while fishing and better strikes.

  • Soft

    Soft lines have a tension-free consistency with a low mechanical memory and, generally, a high smoothness.

  • Rigid

    Rigid lines provide greater abrasion-resistance and and lower stretch. If used as leaders, they allow an excellent arrangement of the bait.

  • IGFA Class compliant

    Line which meets the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) requirements or designed so that it does not break above the LB category declared in the technical specifications. These products are suitable to run competitions that take place according to IGFA regulations.

  • 3-PLY Braid

    The braid is made from three independent fibers braided together so as to ensure optimal density and a surface that is as homogeneous as possible.

  • 4-PLY Braid

    4-ply braid is the standard for fishing braids. This braid is made from four independent fibers, braided together so as to ensure optimal density and a surface that is as homogeneous as possible.

  • 8-Ply Braid

    8-ply braid is a cutting-edge braiding technology applied to fishing lines. The high number of fibers used, 8 instead of the traditional 4, guarantees, with the same diameter, a greater compactness of the braid that enhances its softness and smoothness. The section of the braid is much more constant and round than that of the traditional 4-ply braids, guaranteeing longer casts, greater strength and more control.

  • For leaders

    Leader lines feature different characteristics according to the fishing technique used. They guarantee maximum invisibility according to the material or color used, and feature a high breaking strength and abrasion resistance.

  • For reels

    Reel lines are soft, low memory and smooth tangle-free lines.

  • For shock leaders

    These lines perfectly absorb kinetic energy while casting. Being tapered lines, they are perfect for linking together the mainline and the leader.

  • For reel +shock leaders

    These smooth tapered lines allow to have the correct diameter in the reel and the correct diameter in the leader without knots and interruptions.

  • Smooth casting

    Smooth casting lines are extremely soft. This great smoothness is given by a special technological treatment.


    High tenacity lines are technologically tested to resist to extremely high breaking strength.

  • No memory

    These lines have no mechanical memory.

  • Micro diameters

    This special technology allows 100% real and constant micro diameters.

  • Tapered structure

    These lines, which have a tapered structure with variable diameter, are generally suitable as shock leaders. Tapered lines are made of a variable section of line with a larger diameter, able to better resist the casting shock, and by a thin leader section that matches the fishing line.


    UV light fluorescent lines, perfect for night fishing.