1. Parties to the Contract

1.1 The products purchased via the www.assofishingline.com website are sold by Gruppo DP S.p.A. whose registered office is in Italy, in Genoa (16145), at Via Trento 43 int. 3 Tax and VAT number IT0343617018, certified e-mail address HR.GRUPPODP@REGISTERPEC.IT hereinafter, for brevity, Gruppo DP or the Company.

1.2 The Client, a person who is legally an adult and has the position of being a consumer, as identified by the details entered when registering, and who purchases the products covered by this contract online.

1.3 The sole purpose of the website is to sell to the consumer, or person, who acts for purposes other than entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal, or professional activities in which they may engage. Non-consumers, that is, people or legal entities who act in carrying out their entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal, or professional activities (or their agents) who may be interested in these products are to contact Gruppo DP's Sales Department directly, using the contact details provided on the website, for a personalised quotation.

1.4 Products on the www.assofishingline.com website may only be purchased by consumers / clients who are legally adults in terms of Italian law.

1.5 The website and customer service are only available in the following languages: English, Italian, French, and Spanish. By registering on the website the Client declares that they know at least one of these languages, and so clearly understands what is published or communicated by the Company in any way.

2. Subject of the Contract
Gruppo DP uses the www.assofishingline.com website to sell the products (fishing lines) available in its warehouse at the time the Client submits an order, as described in the relevant product pages on the website.

3. Technical data, characteristics and origin of the products
The products' technical characteristics (as indicated on the website, on the products themselves, on the packaging, and in advertising material) are purely indicative, as particular environmental and/or conservation conditions may affect the same, as well as variations due to the methodology and instrumentation used to determine the same.
The range of products available is subject to continuous evolution and changes, and the technical characteristics, product graphics, and packaging may change without notice.
The products may be of EU and non-EU origin and, if requested by the Client, Gruppo DP may inform them of the origin of each product supplied.

4. Intended use of the products and waiving of responsibility for other uses.
The Client is required to use the products purchased only for the scope and intended purpose for which they are designed. The products sold by Gruppo DP via the www.assofishingline.com website are exclusively fishing lines, the only intended use of which is for fishing. By purchasing the products on the website, the Client expressly declares that they know the intended use of the products (fishing lines), and commits to refrain from using them for other purposes. Gruppo DP will not be responsible in any way for any damage to people and/or property that results from using the products sold on the website for purposes other than that for which they are designed.
The Client is encouraged to peruse the product safety information and other information contained in the information sheet available via the website page: www.assofishingline.com/safety.

5. Prices, transport costs, and accessory expenses
The prices of the products indicated on the website include VAT where applicable to the sale, but do not include any levies and/or customs duty for importation (for deliveries outside the EU) that, in any case, will be fully and exclusively for the Client's account, as will any customs clearance procedures for importation.
As regards transport costs, these are free of charge above a minimum purchase threshold, whereas below that threshold they will be charged to the Client on a lump-sum basis (both the free of charge threshold and charging of transport costs below that threshold vary according to the destination country for the goods).
Any taxes, duties, levies and other expenses provided for by the Country to which the Products are sent and delivered will be entirely for the Client's account, and will be paid by them at the time of delivery of the Products, directly to the competent fiscal or customs authorities or to the courier tasked with delivery.

6. Finalisation of the Contract
Orders are transmitted to Gruppo DP via their website, in the stages and according to the instructions provided by the www.assofishingline.com website.
Before completing their order, the Client is required to carefully peruse:
  1. These General Online Sales Conditions;
  2. The product safety information and other information contained in the information sheet available via the website page: www.assofishingline.com/safety;
  3. The notification on processing of personal details: “Privacy policy & cookies”;
  4. The notification on processing of personal details: "Information for registering on the website".
Via the www.assofishingline.com website, the Client accesses a virtual product catalogue, with prices indicated and, having the identified the product they are interested in, they can select it and add it to the "Basket".
The "Basket" section of the website:
  • Lists the products selected by the Client and related prices (at this stage the Client can still delete or edit the products selected);
  • Indicates the overall price of the products selected;
  • Indicates the transport cost for the Client's account (where applicable).
  • Indicates the total value of the order.
Having checked that the products and prices indicated in the basket are what they want, to proceed with their purchase the Client must:
  1. Register on the website or enter using their credentials;
  2. Indicate the delivery address, if different from that provided when registering;
  3. Carefully read these general online sales conditions, and accept and keep them;
  4. Pay for their order using a credit card or by bank transfer.
The Contract is finalised when accepted by Gruppo DP, without indicating, for that purpose, receipt of payment. Gruppo DP has the right not to accept and execute the order, based on their incontestable judgement, in which case their responsibility will be limited to merely returning the advance payment made by the Client. Processing of the order on the part of Gruppo DP is equivalent to acceptance of the same.
Receipt of the order is confirmed by Gruppo DP via the e-mail address provided by the Client when registering, in the form of an e-mail that, among other things, indicates the order number to be used for any subsequent communication, an indication of the products orders, the total price, and the date it is sent to the system for fulfilling the order.

7. Payment method
Only advance payment by credit card or by bank transfer at the time of placing the order is allowed.

8. Delivery zones and means
Products bought on the www.assofishingline.com website can be delivered throughout the EU and to some Countries outside the EU. At the time of completing their order, and before making payment, the Client must check that the destination chosen beforehand is covered by the service.
Dispatching is done by express courier, indicatively within the working day following receipt of the order, complete with payment. Courier delivery times vary according to the destination of the goods and can be taken to be an average of within 48 hours of dispatch.
At the time of dispatching the order, GRUPPO DP notifies the Client of such dispatch via the courier by e-mail, along with information on the delivery and, if available, the link to the courier's website for tracking the delivery and indicating delivery preferences.

9. Receipt of the goods
On delivery, the Client is required to check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, or not altered in any way, as well as the correctness of the number of packs received.
If the Client finds any problems with the packaging or any shortages, they are to immediately report this to the courier, marking the docket "collected with reservations", and indicating the anomalies encountered on the delivery docket. Gruppo DP is to be notified of these anomalies timeously by e-mail, within a maximum of 8 (eight) calendar days of delivery.

10. Safeguarding of the Consumer
As stated, these conditions are reserved exclusively to consumers or persons, who act for purposes other than entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal, or professional activities in which they may engage. They are therefore subject to the norms laid down in the Consumer Code, D.Lgs. [Legislative Decree] n° 206/2005 and subsequent amendments and additions.

11. Guarantee for conformity defects
In terms of art 130 of the Consumer Code, the seller is responsible to the consumer for any conformity defects that may exist at the time of delivery of the goods. If the Client finds a conformity defect in a product, they may ask for it to be rectified, at no charge, to make the goods conform by means of repair or replacement, or an adequate reduction in the price or termination of the contract, in the ways and within the limits laid down in said norm. In terms of art 132 of the Consumer Code, the Consumer loses these rights if they fail to report the conformity defect top the seller within a period of 2 months from the date on which they discovered the defect.
The guarantee is personal and so only applies to the original purchaser, as it is reserved to direct clients.
The guarantee is not obligatory if the client puts the product to a use other than that for which it is designed and, in any case, in case of negligence or carelessness in keeping and using the product.

12. Right to withdraw
In terms of art 52 of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Client has the right to withdraw from the contract without indicating their reasons, within 14 days of when they themselves or a third party appointed by them acquires physical possession of the products, in the ways and within the limits laid down by said norm.
To exercise their right to withdraw, before the withdrawal period expires, the Client is to inform the Company of their decision to exercise their right to withdraw from the contract.
To withdraw from the contract, the following are also necessary:

  1. The Client is to return the products to Gruppo DP at their own expense, delivering them to the courier for delivery within 14 days of the date on which they communicated their intention to withdraw. Products returned may only be sent to the following address: Gruppo DP S.p.A. Via Pian Masino 69 A 16011 Arenzano (Genova) Italia;
  2. The products must not have been used or damaged by the Client
The products must be returned in their complete original packaging, where possible using the original packing (or other packing that is similar or in any case suitable for delivery of the product by courier).
The only expense for the purchaser's account in case of withdrawal, are transport and any accessory costs.
The Client has the right to use the courier they wish to return the product in case of withdrawal, however Gruppo DP shall not bear any responsibility in case of loss of or damage to the products in transit.
If the right to withdraw is exercised according to the methods, conditions and terms indicated above, having done the relevant checks, Gruppo DP will see to timeously returning the sums received to the Client, by instructing the payment gateway to credit the credit card used by the Client for payment or by bank transfer. Reimbursement will take place within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days of the date on which Gruppo DP found out about the exercising of the right to withdraw by the Client, however, Gruppo DP will not be responsible for any delays in crediting the sum to the credit card for which they are not responsible, but that are due to the payment system procedures. In any case, Gruppo DP reserves the right to make reimbursement subject to receipt of the returned products and checking of their integrity.
Should the terms, methods, and conditions for exercising the right to withdraw, as specified in this article, not be respected, Gruppo DP may legitimately refrain from reimbursing the Client for the sums received. In this case, the Client, at their explicit request and expense, may have the products back in the condition in which they were returned to the Seller.

13. Privacy and notification (EU Regulation n° 2016/679 – G.D.P.R.)
See the notification on processing of personal data, available on the www.assofishingline.com website, which the Client is required to peruse before registering.
14. Client's identity and guarantees provided by the Client
The Client guarantees, and accepts all responsibility in this regard, that the personal data provided when registering and placing the order, is true and updated, and make it possible to identity the Client's real identity.
The Client will be responsible for any damages suffered by Gruppo DP if the data provided should be false or inaccurate.

15. Validity of communications
The Client accepts that all communications related to the online sales and after-sales services for the www.assofishingline.com website and the accessory services (without exception) are given by Gruppo DP in electronic format by e-mail and via the Web service on the www.assofishingline.com website, and acknowledges the full validity, also probative, of the same, and hereby expressly renounces non-acknowledgement of the content of the communications sent and/or received in electronic format by e-mail and via the Web service for the www.assofishingline.com website.
Likewise, the Client may send communications to Gruppo DP by e-mail and via the Web service for the www.assofishingline.com website.

16. Disputes, applicable legislation, and Competent Forum.
These general online sales conditions and the individual contracts/orders, as well as any dispute that may arise, are exclusively subject to and regulated by Italian law. Exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise between the Parties will be Italian. The only competent forum will be the Court of Genoa (Italy).