Where to fish in Liguria

ott 20, 2020

If you are looking for places to fish in Liguria, this is the article for you. Let's go and discover some fishing routes in this beautiful region.

Lake Osiglia (Savona)

If you are wondering where to fish in Liguria, the first itinerary we propose today is located in the province of Savona and can be reached from Pietra Ligure or Finale Ligure, taking the state road to Calizzano. After about 15 kilometers you will reach a crossroads: at this point it will be sufficient to follow the signs for Lake Osiglia. It is an artificial basin surrounded by a splendid wood and characterized by an irregular shape. In the many inlets we can fish rainbow and brown trout, king perch, largemouth bass and chub. There is also no shortage of cheppie, pike of about 50 cm, carp, giant sturgeon, rudd, catfish, tench and crucian carp.

Saudino's "bozi" in Sarzana (La Spezia)

We now move towards the “bozi” of Saudino in Sarzana, in the province of La Spezia. In this area there are former gravel and clay pits, with lakes even over 15 meters deep. The vegetation is dense on all banks and the waters are dense with algae, especially in summer. In total there are 11 bozi: 2 decentralized towards Santo Stefano and another 9 easily reachable from each other. One of the most popular techniques is spin fishing with an abundant catch of black bass in summer, and pike in winter and early spring. You can also opt for carp fishing to catch heavy carp, up to 20 kg. Let's not forget the classic Bolognese fishing techniques. The fish present here are, on top of those already mentioned, tench, chub, mullet, sun perch, catfish and eels.

The Trebbia reserve in Gorreto (Genoa)

Going to the Trebbia reserve in Gorreto means enjoying a clean environment with clear waters that have holes, sheets and scrapings. This is divided into two sections. There is a first area called "catch" where you can fish using all techniques, provided you keep up to a maximum of 5 salmonids. There is a second area known as a "trophy fly" where you can only fly with mouse tail.

The reserve of Ponte di Savignone (Genoa)

To reach the last recommended destination, simply take the Busalla exit. The provincial road that leads to the upper valley starts here. After a couple of kilometers you will arrive at the bridge that gives the town its name, where you will find a large parking lot on the side of the road. As equipment - there are plenty of trout here - we recommend the classic 2.10 meters for 20 grams of power in the "high" section. For the one downstream of the bridge, however, a 1.80 for 15 grams is better. Fishing monofilament of 0.22 - 0.25 or braid of 0.14 - 0.16 are perfect.